The 2014 Milan Furniture Fair: the Rimadesio collection further expands its ability to interpret the contemporary living area,  thanks to the widening of the Self modular system and to the new   freestanding Self up units. The Wind bookcase presents new cabinets and modules and the new  wall fixed version.
The continous Rimadesio research, aiming at combining maximum functionality and exclusive design solutions, reaches new potential through the development of the storage system Cover, with the new line of accessories in castoro regenerated leather, which includes a great variety of extractable trays for different use. 
A new approach to the materials of the collection features the 2014 proposals: all aluminium elements are made of an alloy composed by 60% of recicled aluminium.  The company does not even use any heavy metals and solvents in the coating process.
A further improvement of the Rimadesio's production technology, which reflects the search for a dimension of contemporary naturalness.